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Do you feel that your exhaust fan is running longer than it should? My bathroom exhaust fan has been on for quite some time, so I did some research to find out how long an exhaust fan should be on.

How long should a hood stay on?

The minimum operating time for the exhaust fan timer is 20 seconds and the maximum operating time is approximately 20 minutes. The timer operation of the extractor hood is set by the installer and can be adjusted. They can be activated via a humidity sensor (which can also be adjusted) or a light switch. The fan may also have a separate switch.

Exhaust fans are very important to remove moisture and humidity in bathrooms. They also help prevent mold. Opening a window can't do much. When I was completely renovating my bathroom, it made sense to install one. Here are some "dumb" questions I asked myself before installing it.

How do I know if my cooker hood is working/needs to be replaced?

Why does your extractor hood turn on and how long should it stay on | get used to home. of (1)

The easiest way to check if your fan is working is to turn it on, get a tissue, a sheet will do and check the 'suction'. If it's very tight, then it's good, you don't need to replace it.

If, on the other hand, the fabric continues to fall, you may have a problem.

Another sign is that your hood is particularly noisy or you hear rattling noises. This could mean that the fan is compensating a little too much and could be a sign that it needs to be replaced.

The most likely cause of this is a faulty engine. however, if your range hood is in the kitchen, the fan may jam a bit if it gets greasy. A simple cleaning can provide a solution.

The lifespan of an extractor hood is more than 10 years.Here is a link to the fan I have(link to Amazon). Once properly adjusted, you will not have to worry about it for a long time.

Can I vent the exhaust fan in the bathroom in the ceiling?

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Venting an extractor hood directly into the ceiling is not recommended and is especially dangerous during the winter months. Excess moisture can accumulate in the attic at the bottom of the roof.

As it heats up, the ice from the insulation and walls of the room melts. It can also cause wooden beams to rot.

Fortunately, this can be fixed. You can ventilate outside your attic. You just have to have oneexternal ventilation covercoming out of your mounted roof.

Here is an example called Kair bull nose fan(linked to Amazon) of the type of vent cover you should be looking for. The great thing about this one is the drip deflector and rubber seal to prevent rainwater from entering your home.

To avoid all this, if your bathroom has a window to the outside, it's best to have the fan point directly outwards if possible.

Can the exhaust fan and bathroom light be on the same switch?

Why does your extractor hood turn on and how long should it stay on | get used to home. of (3)

Basically a range hood and your light switch could be on the same switch, I know because I installed it in the house. When I pull the cord on the bathroom light, the exhaust fan turns on.

This is very useful, especially if you tend to turn your hood on or off.

While I like most DIY things when it comes to electricity, I tend to call in an electrician unless it's super easy. I would suggest you do the same.

That said, if you're generally interested in how this is done, in a nutshell you can splice or "splice" a series of complementary wires to the light switch and hood. This isn't the best explanation to be honest. For a more detailed review, check outThis articlevan hunker.com

Where should the bathroom exhaust fan be installed?

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Bathroom exhaust fans are usually installed in the following three ways:

  • Ducted ceiling through the ceiling for external ventilation (as mentioned above)
  • Directly through a wall for external ventilation or ducted to an outside wall.
  • Or through a window (not recommended). If you decide to replace your exhaust fan or your window, you are limiting yourself.

It is preferable to install the extractor directly on an exterior wall as this is the simplest and least maintenance option for installation.

If you are going to install the hood directly into the ceiling, go ahead. Just make sure if the outside vent goes through the roof it is properly sealed and install a vent cover as mentioned above.

Do you need an electrician to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom?

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Unless you are replacing an existing bathroom fan, it is wise to hire a licensed professional to handle this particular job.

Installing a new exhaust fan every day in a room with running water and humidity entails risks. Any electrical incident is simply not worth it.

However, if you are replacing a similar hood and all wiring and mains are already in place, then go for it.

As long as your new extractor hood has the same dimensions and similar functionality, you can replace it yourself. It's a simple DIY job where you install screws and attach matching wires.

Before you begin, however, you should check that your existing wiring and ductwork are in good working order. Now is the perfect time to change or replace them if necessary. Also check that the dimensions of your new fan match the holes in your old fan.

Why is my bathroom exhaust fan constantly on?

If you've moved into a new home, chances are you have a pretty smart extractor hood. Mechanical fans provide constant air circulation 24 hours a day, that is, they never stop to maintain an air circulation level in your home at a certain recommended flow rate.

It pays to consult a builder before you think something is wrong. These extractor hoods are also designed in such a way that they consume minimal power, so that you do not suffer too much from your bills.

If you have an old hood, your switch may be faulty. The best way to check is to remove the switch and replace it with a new one to see if the problems persist.

If the problem persists, call your electrician as there may be a problem with the wiring.

What is the quietest extractor hood?

You can of course buy quieter extractor hoods, so that it is generally less annoying when it is on.

OSIL 100T environment(linked to Amazon) is a good affordable option and one I have chosen for my home. Firstly, it's a good extractor hood, drawing 26 liters per second, which is really great. Standard exhaust fans suck in between 15 and 20 liters per second, which is great.

This is also one of the quietest fans on the market. It was awarded the Quiet Mark award in 2013.

Admittedly, it's been a while, but with a noise output of 26.5 dB(A), it's still super quiet.

Arejust silent xpel(link to Amazon) the fan is quieter at 16 dB(A), but can only hold 15 liters per For that reason I would still stick with the Envirovent SIL 100T.


When it comes to your fan being on for a long time and being very sensitive to moisture, it depends a lot on the settings your installer would have set when configuring your fan. Check the manual on how to change this before you think something is wrong.

If you live in a newly built house and the fan is constantly on, check which type of fan you have. The fan may need to run constantly to maintain air circulation.

Exhaust fans are important not only for circulation in your bathroom, but also for preventing mold and moisture build-up.

Ironically, improper installation can lead to increased mold and moisture buildup; So in this case, make sure you get a professional to install it, if it isn't already there.

On the other hand, if you need to replace an existing range hood, replacing it should be a simple DIY job as long as the dimensions and fittings are the same.

Cooker hoods typically last more than 10 years, so before you think about replacing them, make sure you degrease them and check with a piece of blotting paper against the vent that the air is circulating as well.

As for outdoor vents, make sure you purchase a vent to minimize the amount of water entering your home.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have even more DIY questions, be sure to check out some more of our content. We could have answered your question.

Happy DIY fun everyone!


Why does your extractor hood turn on and how long should it stay on | get used to home. of? ›

The fan should be left running at least 30-54 minutes (or longer) afterwards to get rid of any excess moisture. Getting a timer for your bathroom fan can help ensure that your bathroom stays well-ventilated.

How long should extractor fan run on for? ›

The fan should be left running at least 30-54 minutes (or longer) afterwards to get rid of any excess moisture. Getting a timer for your bathroom fan can help ensure that your bathroom stays well-ventilated.

Is it OK to leave extractor fan on? ›

Most experts suggest that you must not leave your fan on for long periods. You will only waste energy if you leave your fan on for a long time. Instead, it would be better if you used it only during and after your shower. That way, you will not waste a lot of energy and even exhaust out all the humidity.

How long can you leave an extractor fan on kitchen? ›

In short, you should only turn your exhaust fan on while cooking. You can leave it on for up to an additional 15 to 30 minutes after you're done.

Why does my vent hood turn on by itself? ›

If the hood turns on by itself, the possible cause is an error in communication between the primary electronic printed circuit board and the control electronics. Unplug the hood from the socket. Wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Alternatively, find the power switch and follow the same procedure.

Can an extractor fan overheat? ›

Also, when the extractor fan is left on for too long or too often, this can cause its components to overheat, leading to damage and expensive repairs or replacements costs.

Why does my extractor fan keep turning on? ›

If the temperature gets hot enough to trip the sentry system, the exhaust fan turns on to cool the cooktop area. If the range hood fan turns on when the cooktop area is at room temperature, a failed temperature sensor, loose wiring or electronic control board failure could be the cause.

Do extractor fans remove carbon monoxide? ›

Exhaust fans can create a negative pressure, drawing carbon monoxide back down flues into your home. While gas is very useful, it's important to understand that the byproducts that are created when it burns can be lethal.

Do extractor fans stop mold? ›

The extractor fans remove moisture from the air, and some have a 'boost' function which turns on when moisture is at its highest, such as after bathing or cooking. It is very important to leave extractor fans turned on to help keep damp and mould out.

Do extractor fans clean the air? ›

A bathroom extractor fan will help keep your bathroom fresh & mould free. However, as It works everyday to remove moisture from the air, it will also accumulate mould and dust without regular cleaning. In this guide we will show you how you can clean your extractor fan to keep it ticking for years to come.

Do kitchen extractor fans use a lot of electricity? ›

Extractor fans are also an energy-efficient way to keep a room well-ventilated, as they use less electricity than other forms of ventilation such as air conditioning systems. However, extractor fans are a highly energy efficient way to ventilate a room.

Do extractor fans reduce humidity? ›

When air is moving around the house, there is less time for moisture to condense on surfaces which will help to reduce damp. Fitting extractor fans in wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms is one of the most effective steps you can take to reduce condensation.

What happens if you leave a extractor fan on in kitchen? ›

If you are talking about a cookstove exhaust, it is enclosed and well protected regarding fire. Leaving it on will shorten service life but not lifespan of the fan.

How do I know if my vent hood is working properly? ›

To check if your range hood is functioning like it should, turn it off for a few minutes and then turn it back on. Make sure the range hood isn't making too much noise. If you are hearing a lot of noise, there may be an issue with your fan or motor.

When should I turn my hood fan on? ›

Running your kitchen hood fan for several minutes before you start cooking helps create suction so there is no delay in venting. Running the fan for several minutes after cooking can also help clear any additional smoke and odor from the air.


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