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This is my first story on this site. It's been a few years since my last FF so I hope I haven't forgotten. Some characters can be a little or a lot of OOC. It's an alternate version of the story. I changed the events of Mount Weather a bit because it fits the story better. My chapters sometimes get a bit long, I hope that's not a problem. However, Clarke and Lexa's first real date is yet to come.

Of course, nothing in this story is mine, except for the characters I created and who will be part of it.
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POV Clarke

Hunger and cold were the sensations that dominated everything at that moment. Clarke wasn't sure when she'd last eaten. It had seemed like a good idea at first, because her soul longed for solitude, but now, a week later, she wasn't so sure that her decision to seek refuge in the desert had been well thought through. She should have brought at least some supplies and equipment, but she certainly shouldn't have left the Jaha camp. She wrapped her arms around her trembling body and looked at the gun in her lap. The case was both a blessing and a curse. She could handle it well now and it was pretty accurate, she could hunt easily with it and certainly kill something with it, but the downside that kept her from doing so was that this thing made an awful lot of noise. If she had used the weapon, any Grounder within six miles would have known where she was. Also, ammo didn't last forever because I only had one backup magazine. As such, it was only useful as a last resort. Clarke groaned in exasperation as her stomach rumbled again. How did she end up in such a messy situation. She leaned back against the tree trunk and closed her eyes. She was always a good person, for all she knew, she just happened to turn into a cold-blooded mass murderer. First she was arrested for wanting to do the right thing, then she was sent to Earth with other criminals, where she became a leader more out of necessity. In the process, they went to war with the inhabitants of the country, which they did not even know about. It was then that she became a mass murderer, as three hundred Gounders died in the fire on her orders, while the surviving hundred ignited their dropship engines to survive the enemy attack. After this conflict they were kidnapped by the Mountain Men, unfortunately they were not good for their people either. She had to flee and leave her people behind for the time being. She caught up with the rest of the Sky People, only to discover that the one she loved had slaughtered the Grounders in pursuit of her. The Grounders demanded his death to atone for those he had killed. In the end, it was Clarke who had to make another decision. She sacrificed Finn to protect her people from retaliation, and she knew they needed the Grounders to take down Mount Weather. That was when she first met Lexa. Lexa, the leader of all twelve Gounder clans, the Commander. From the first moment, Clarke was amazed by the intense green eyes. They even kissed and after all the tragedy she thought things would finally get better, but that was a misconception. The battle of Mount Weather changed everything. Here she was betrayed by her. About Lexa faking her feelings and abandoning her at the moment of impending victory so she could save her people while Clark's people remained in the hands of the mountain men. She remembered the moment Lexa had turned and walked out and betrayed her, she remembered her whole world falling apart, leaving her hopeless and alone, this emptiness inside. She remembered that she would not give up and went to the mountain alone. It was like it had just happened.

Looking back

Clarke shoved the gun into Dante Wallace's back. He was the former president of the Mountain Men before his son Cage overthrew him. She led him to the mountain's control room and ordered Monty to tie him up. When it was over, the Asian boy went back to the computer. Bellamy pointed his gun at Dante so Clarke could focus her attention on the screens. The old man looked defiant.

"Can you find our people with the security cameras?"

Monty didn't answer, but typed on the keyboard at breathtaking speed. A few screens changed views until he stopped at one. It was a large room, his friends were chained to the walls. A figure was upside down on one of the tables, so she couldn't see who it was. But when one of the doctors pierced the body with a drill, she heard the person's scream. Clarke's eyes filled with tears. Annoyed, she grabbed the old man by the neck and dragged him to the monitors, forcing him to watch.

"Look closely. Is that humanity in their eyes? What I see there is the behavior of animals, of beasts that long ago left all human behind."

The former president showed disgust, but continued to justify himself.

"Sometimes you have to do terrible things to survive."

He said it without the slightest emotion in his voice, which only increased her distaste for these people. She let go of Dante and turned back to the monitors. Other people were brought into the room, including Monroe, Kane, and her own mother. The figure on the table had now stopped screaming and was probably dead. The doctor in front of the table just waved his hand and a guard just pushed the body off the table like it was garbage. Clarke's stomach turned and she feared she might throw up. She had never seen such a lack of humanity. Even the Grounders were more human than these people.

"Monty is looking for Cage on the screens."

It didn't take long for it to appear on the main screen.

"That's Emerson next to him." It was more of a statement than a question.

"Bellamy do you still have your radio?"

The brunette nodded and took a small device from her pocket and handed it to Clarke. She put it on and started talking.

“Emerson, this is Clarke Griffin. If you know what I mean, radio Cage.'

The soldier hesitated for a moment, then handed the device to the man in the pale suit. They exchanged a few words and then she heard his voice.

“Clarke, how are you, honey. I have many people here who would like to see you again.'

"Keep your smug smile."

A little startled, the man looked into the camera and shouted something at Emerson, who immediately started running.

"Shit, here he comes. Monty, can you change the password on the door?

The Asian appeared immediately.

"What don't you want to talk to me about anymore?"

Cage said sarcastically, still looking into the camera.

"Free my people and we can agree."

The man on screen sniffed.

"Leave threats behind Clarke, you have no influence."

"What about her father?"

Again she was rewarded with a shocked look. She held the device in front of the old man's face and motioned for him to speak.

"Cage, whatever she says, don't give up."

She shoved the butt of the gun into his stomach, making him scream. The man on the screen flinched. Emerson was visible on a monitor seen outside the control room door. He kept swiping his code card through the lock, but nothing happened. Apparently Monty made it. Clarke had an idea.

"Monty, can you adjust the ventilation turbines to pump air into the mountain from outside?"

The young man seemed to think about it for a moment. She ignored Dante's shocked face.

"If you do, everyone on this mountain will die in agony."

begged the old man.

"Cage, this is her last warning, if she doesn't let my people go I will flood the whole mountain with outside air."

The man in the suit thought a lot.

"Monty, can you handle this or not?"

The boy just nodded.

"Let's go!"

Bellamy grabbed her shoulder, forcing her to look at him.

'Are you sure, Clark? Many of them have helped us.'

"I know, but they leave us no choice. They kill us first to get immunity, then they destroy camp Jaha to avoid retaliation, and then they destroy the Grounders because they don't. want to share this world without anyone. But if you can think of something better, I'm all ears.'

Bellamy looked at her uncertainly, then shook his head, obviously bewildered too.


It was Monty who just pointed to a silver bar.

"Please do not."

Dante begged again.

"You owe it to yourself. If they had control over their child, this would never have happened. I planned to spare everyone who deserved to live. But they had to make a deal with Lexa, and now I have I only have one way to save my people.

"How do you know I was the one who came up with that idea?"

The former president would know that.

"I beg you, Cage isn't smart enough to come up with that idea."

With that, Clarke returned to radio.

"What's Cage Now?"

"You're just bluffing, you're not capable of that."

“You don't know me, just a few weeks ago I had three hundred Grounders burnt alive to protect my people. Do you really want to play poker with such high stakes?'

She could see his snide face on the screen before he left the screen. A short time later he appeared in the harvest room and ordered Raven, who was being treated, to come down from the table. She watched in horror as he tied her mother to the table and she underwent treatment. Her deafening screams seeped through the speakers, making Clarke feel sick.

"Your final warning." She tried one last time. She handed the radio back to Dante.

"My god Cage, she doesn't lie, she's capable of it."

"Don't worry dad, she's just bluffing."

"My God, she wants, she's determined. After all, it's about our people!"

The man on screen shook his head violently.

"Sorry Dad, I can't do this. I'm not as weak as you."

"No, but you are stupid." But Cage couldn't hear it anymore because Clarke had turned off the radio. Resolutely, she grabbed the handle and pushed it down. You could hear the sound of the ventilation changing. She heard Jasper's voice through the loudspeaker, reaching the harvest room just as Cage was leaving them.

"Not Clarke, I can catch him, I'll catch him and stop everything, but you can't kill everyone."

He stormed out of the room, unconcerned about his own people calling for him to get rid of them. By the time he reached the hall, the hunt for Cage was already forgotten. He fell to the ground next to Maya. Octavia left him with the dying woman and hurried to the assembly room.

"You killed them all like beasts."

said the old prosecutor.

"Over the decades they have similarly slaughtered thousands of Grounders and turned them into abominations to do their dirty work. You also betrayed my people and treated them like animals. So watch your pretentious words. All that is today and here happened it is the result of their decisions and actions. They destroyed themselves by living in this world with its cruelty."

The old man had tears streaming down his cheeks as he looked at the many dead bodies on the screen.

"I despise them for making me do this."

growled Clarke, unable to hold back the tears herself.

"You're right Clarke, it was my fault, but you can't wash your hands either because this blood is on your hands too."

Clarke aimed the gun at the chest of the man in front of her.

"Go to hell, you and all your goddamn gang."

She hissed as she pulled the trigger and a deafening roar filled the room. The old man gave in with a groan and soon after died lying in his own blood. Bellamy looked at her in shock, just like Monty, but she didn't care, feeling nothing but pain and despair.

"Looks like Emerson escaped." Monty noticed as he watched the security monitors.

"We have to go to the others." said Bellamy softly.

When they reached the hallway, Clarke couldn't take it anymore. She leaned against the wall and vomited, her legs were shaking and she wasn't sure how long she would be able to wear them. Bellamy's curly hair appeared next to her.

"Will it work?" he asked worriedly as Clarke slid down the opposite wall. The eldest knelt before her and looked at her with concern.

"It's okay," she lied, "It's okay, I just need some time and then I'll come get you."

The man in front of her looked at her skeptically.

"Really, it's okay. It's just been a long day.

She even managed a pretty convincing smile. That seemed to convince both Bellamy and Monty as they left the blonde alone. She couldn't say how long she had stared at the floor. In the end, however, she got up with difficulty and walked on shaky legs to an exit. She really needed to get out of here to get some fresh air. It took a while to find a lock and a little longer to figure out how to open it. She staggered out, hungrily sniffed the forest air, and sank into the wet grass. She still held the gun in her trembling hands. Shocked, she dropped the gun on the grass. She looked down at her still-shaking hands. Dante was absolutely right, the blood of all those people was also on his hands, she couldn't deny that. The guilt would haunt her for the rest of her days, there was no escaping it. Again she wondered if it was all worth it. Because if the Mountain Men didn't deserve to live on Earth, neither did the Sky People and Earth People. But who is left? She heard the click of a gun.

"Look at me." Someone she knew called. She looked to the left and there stood Cage among the trees.

"What's It Like to Be a Mass Murderer?" he said reluctantly.

"I'm in good company at this point." She said calmly, her features showing no fear.

"You are responsible for the death of your people, you cannot attack and harm others and then be surprised when they react."

The man sniffed mockingly.

"You're making it too easy Clarke, you flipped that switch, not me."

"It's true." She admitted. “But I did it because you left me no choice. I had to protect my people. You just senselessly sacrificed the lives of your people out of sheer selfishness and delusions of grandeur.'

"Whatever you say, in a few moments you will be dead and I will live."

Clarke lo bitters.

"Oh yes? And where are you going? These woods are full of grounders, you can't walk a mile without bumping into them. You're already dead, you just don't know it yet."

The uncertainty was evident on his face. He really had no idea what awaited him here. Clarke saw a shadow behind Cage, his life was probably over sooner than he thought. A crack spun Cage. Lincoln emerged from the shadows and passed out in pain as Cage used his sonic generator. He pointed his gun at the Grounder.

"First I kill this animal and then I kill you."

A shot rang out, Cage looked at his hand in shock, Clarke aimed at the tone generator and hit it. The man cried out in pain as he grabbed his arm. He had dropped the gun. Lincoln got up in an instant and plunged his sword into the man's chest. Cage conceded. Blood still spurted from the stump of his hand. He wanted to say something, but the blood gushed into his mouth. Desperately, he reached for his gun, but it was out of reach. Clarke and Lincoln stood over the man, watching his pain. When her last spasms passed, she looked at the Grounder.

"I thought you were with the Grounders."

she noted. The giant shook his head.

“To abandon an ally is unfair. I don't know what happened to the commander. This was an unusual move for her and not many will forget or understand. The only thing that can keep them together now is their common enemy.'

'If you mean the Mountain Men then I must disappoint you, they no longer exist. You just killed one of the last."

Lincoln looked at her in surprise. Before Grounder could ask any more questions, Clarke interrupted.

"I guess that means you're no longer welcome at the Grounders."

The bald grounder shook his head sadly.

"So you're with us now." she said firmly and patted his shoulder.

"Come in and I'll tell you briefly what happened." Together they walked back to the mountain and Clarke spoke briefly about the events of the past few hours. Finally they reached the hall. Clarke hurried past the bodies they dared not look at. She passed Jesper, who still held Maya's dead body in his arms and pierced her with his accusing look.

"You shouldn't have done this." He growled.

"I had no other choice and I ran out of time. I'm really sorry Jasper, I wish there was another way."

"Oh fuck me, you fucking killer!"

Jasper's words hit the spot. She really was a killer. Nothing she said could change that simple fact. She kept walking because she didn't know what else to say. Nothing she could have said would have changed her condition. After a few feet, she and Lincoln reached the harvest room. Octavia just left.

"Look who I found there, I think he's yours." Clarke said with a weak smile. Octavia just ignored them and walked up to the big Grounder and kissed him fiercely. Clarke turned and walked into the harvest room, her mother on a gurney. Kane knelt down next to her and took her hand. Was there something going on between those two? She walked over to Abby and immediately hugged her daughter tightly. Clarke couldn't hold back the tears and cried in her mother's arms.

"How are you my dear." Abby tried to calm her down. This one is now a bit separated from her mother.

"I tried. I really tried to be the good one." The young woman stammered in tears as Abby pulled her close.

"It's okay, maybe there aren't any good guys left. We can do this." Clarke clung to her mother and let out all the pain that was building up inside her.

Hours later they were on their way back to Camp Jaha. They arranged stretchers from the department that allowed them to carry those stretchers that were initially unable to walk on their own due to the harvest. Clarke was at the very end of the column. She soon noticed the strange looks she was getting. These ranged from admiration to horror. She had no interest in talking to anyone, so she stood in the back with an appropriate distance. Lincoln suddenly appeared next to her. She didn't hear him, it was a strange Grounders trait.

"You're not staying, am I right?"

Clarke looked at the tall man beside her. How did he know she had made that decision herself a while ago.

"How do you know that?"

The Grounder looked at her.

“I saw your face as we passed the bodies. You blame yourself for what happened, but you don't. The mountain men made their choice, and they did it a long time ago. against the decisions of their leaders, but chose to remain silent and accept them. Your responsibility was your people and you saved them. '

Clarke smiled a little.

“It always sounds so easy with your grounders. We Sky People are somehow different. I am a healer, my job is to save lives, but I have taken many more lives than I have saved. I think it's a disgrace and I despise myself for it. What you said may be true, but that doesn't change the fact that I participated in those deaths. Their decision to act the way they did may not have been my decision, but killing them all was my decision. Now I have to learn to live with it, but I can't if I'm surrounded by all the accusing looks every day.'

The Grounder nodded in understanding.

“I understand you Clarke. That was also the reason why I so often sought out the solitude in the woods.'

Clarke nodded, knowing Lincoln would understand. He was probably the only one.


Clarke awoke from her dream. A noise woke her up. She had fallen into a light sleep here. Anything in this forest could kill her if she's not careful. She grabbed her weapon and scrambled to her feet. She was still cold and her clothes clung to her body from the moisture. Green eyes pierced her consciousness again and she wondered what she was doing. Clarke looked around one last time and then marched off, she absolutely had to find shelter if she was to survive here.


POV Lexa

Lexa stood on a dais, looking down at the dwindling camp below. With the war on Mount Weather over, there was no need to keep troops here. The warriors whose homeland was furthest away were the first to leave. Only a few clans were still represented here, or representatives of clans that were still injured in the field hospital. This would be the last to be dismantled. She sighed in frustration. She hadn't slept well since leaving Mount Weather, she was so worried about Skaikru's blonde leader. When she made the decision to enter the mountain front, she was still convinced that she had made the right choice, but in the meantime she was doubting her decision. She had proven to herself that an agreement is worthless if one of the parties decides to break it. So what would happen if the Mountaineers failed to honor their agreement, well, that possibility grew more and more in their minds. Of course she wouldn't let go and would never in her life admit that she doubted her decision. She couldn't afford to doubt that. She had sent scouts against all reasonableness to watch the mountain and look for Clarke. They were only allowed to intervene if she was in danger. So far none of his scouts had returned. A week passed and she became nervous. She hoped Clarke had returned safely to camp. A rustle behind her made her turn. A nervous scout entered the clearing next to Indra. Indra pushed the guard lightly in Lexa's direction.

"Come on, tell her what you told me."

The Grounder swallowed and began to talk.

"As you ordered, we are watching the mountain and Clarke came Skaikru."

"Is she sure?" Lexa interrupted. The Grounder began to swallow again and looked at Indra. She gave him a shove and he kept talking.

"Well, we don't know." He stammered.

"WHAT!" Lexa yelled at him.

"Start at the beginning." said Indra.

"She went to the mountain shortly after we left her."

Lexa's heart began to pound. What did she think, why didn't she go home safely.

“The mountain men captured some of the Skaikru who returned to camp, including those who helped us in Tondc. Clark came. Skaikru's mother was one of them. She was on the mountain for more than a day before she led her people back to the campsite. ..

Were the Sky People free? This surprised Lexa. According to Emerson, none of the Skaikru would leave the mountain alive. What happened. Did Clarke also make a deal with Mount Weather? But what might it have looked like? Clarke had nothing to offer that the Mountain Men didn't already have with Lexa's betrayal.

"How many guards do the Mountain Men have in the area right now?" Lexa wanted to know.

"None of the mountains are open yet."

Why would they leave the mountain unguarded? Something wasn't right here.

"Clark and his people made it back to camp safely?" Lexa wanted to know now. The Grounder reacts nervously again.

"Yes Heda. Clarke came. However, Skaikru didn't stay with her people. After everyone was in camp, she went into the woods. Then we lost track of her. Lexa's heart raced as she panicked. Grounder didn't dare to watch the commander.

"How was it possible to lose her?" she cried angrily. She rarely lost her temper, but now she could no longer contain her anger.

"Indra immediately assembled a unit, we will go to the mountain and review the situation." Indra nodded respectfully and disappeared.

"And as for you and your future scouts, go back to the woods and find Clarke, come to Skaikru and bring her to me unharmed." She hissed at the Grounder, who hastily fled. Thoughtfully, she returned to camp. What happened on the mountain. She couldn't imagine what she would find on the mountain beyond her imagination.

About eight hours later, she reached the mountain with her troop. Carefully they approached one of the locks outside. Lexa led the pack, you could clearly see the warriors were uncomfortable. In fact, they should have found guards a long time ago. Indra checked the door.

"It's open." She remarked in surprise. Lexa helped her open it, and they immediately jumped back in horror as a terrible smell of putrefaction wafted toward them. Nyko handed out all the oil-soaked cloths, which may have masked the stench somewhat. The Earthlings lit torches and followed their commander deeper into the mountain. The farther they went, the worse the stench became, but not even the towels could ward off the stench. At last they reached a great hall. It must have been a common room at one time. There were long tables where the Mountainmen were still sitting, but they were all dead. They were horribly disfigured, with burns and cuts, and continued decomposition brought no improvement. Some warriors vomited at the sight of him. These men had survived the worst of the fighting, but it was too much even for them. Lexa understood why even she was fighting her urge to throw up.

"What happened here?" asked one of the Borderers.

"It's like dropshipping," Indra said calmly.

"You mean it was Clarke?" Lexa wanted to know, but the dark-skinned warrior just nodded.

"Who else would be capable of such a thing?" said Indra after a long pause.

"That explains why she left her people." Nyko interrupted the conversation. Lexa looked at him questioningly.

"She's a healer." He stated. "We healers try to save lives, not end them. I know sometimes you have to fight and kill, but I always feel bad about it and it feels like a failure to me. I can't even imagine how it would be to have so many lives on your conscience, and the Sky People are not like us, they are more guilty than us."

Lexa realized that Indra and Nyko were right. Suddenly she realized what she had done to Clarke. She left her no choice. She forced her to accept that guilt. Lexa knew that Clarke wouldn't forgive her betrayal that easily, but she would never forgive her. Caught in her own thoughts she led her warriors back from the mountain, they had nothing left to do here. Lexa felt sick with guilt. She retreated in fear of her people's casualties, and Clarke single-handedly destroyed her enemy. The bad thing was that Clarke's actions would have far too broad an effect. The Grounders would love and hate her at the same time. What happened here had the potential to split or even completely destroy the coalition. Normally she would have covered up what happened here, but many already knew this and soon more people would find out. Her concern for Clarke grew enormously, what she did here would put her in grave danger.


Why is Clarke called Wanheda? ›

However, the Grounders broke the alliance, forcing Clarke and Bellamy to irradiate Mount Weather. Unable to come to terms with what they did, Clarke sets off on her own. Among the Grounders, Clarke's reputation spread, eventually gaining her the moniker of Wanheda, the Commander of Death.

What happens in Wanheda Part 1? ›

After leaving Camp Arkadia due to her inability to accept her actions, Clarke sets out on her own, dealing with her emotions while encountering new challenges. Camp Arkadia begins to see political turmoil as the hunger for power mounts.

Who was Clarke in love with? ›

Clarke ends up losing Lexa, the commander of the Grounders and Clarke's lover, while many of her family and friends fall under the AI's control.

What does Wanheda mean in English? ›

After the word, Heda, meaning The Commander. Wanheda means The Commander of Death. Doing what she must to protect her people hasn't always left her feeling like the hero.

Who betrayed Clarke? ›

Lexa Betrays Clarke At Mount Weather

However, in the later episodes, it is confirmed that this betrayal was in fact one of Lexa's deepest regrets. She never truly forgave herself for that decision but fans would argue if she really has a choice.

Who kills Riley The 100? ›

Riley was a recurring character in the fourth season. He was portrayed by actor Ben Sullivan and debuted in Heavy Lies the Crown. He was originally from Farm Station. He died in The Other Side when he overdosed on drugs at Jasper Jordan's end of the world party.

Does Clarke become a night blood? ›

Clarke tests the serum on herself, turning her into a Nightblood. In "The Old Man and the Anomaly", Abby successfully replicates the serum aboard Eligius IV in an effort to save Marcus Kane.

What does Heda mean in The 100? ›

Commander, also known as Heda in Trigedasleng, or Commander of the Blood, was the title given by the Grounders to the bearer of the Flame. The Commander was the highest-ranking Grounder and, at some point or another, had been the absolute leader of the Coalition, Wonkru, the Eligius Prisoners and Sanctum.

Why was everyone looking for Wanheda? ›

Apparently, there's a huge bounty on Clarke's head because she's Wanheda, "Commander of Death," who the Ice Nation was looking for. It appears as if everyone is after her. See, the grounder's believe that upon the death of someone powerful, the powerful person's killer takes his or her power.

What season does Clarke become Wanheda? ›

Wanheda (Part 1) is the first episode of the third season of The 100. It is the thirtieth episode of the series overall. Three months have passed since the tragedy at Mount Weather and our heroes learn that a bounty has been put on Clarke's head.

What are the real names of Clarke and Lexa? ›

Clarke and Lexa is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Lexa. They are portrayed by starring cast member Eliza Taylor and recurring cast member Alycia Debnam-Carey. They debut in the seventh episode of Season Two.


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