"De 100 - Wanheda II" by Anubis2019 | of (2023)

Here I am again with a new chapter. I hope you're already excited to see what my crazy brain has hatched again. Have fun with it.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------

The trail of fire had disappeared, giving her a good view of the ship, which was almost twice as large.emigrationthe ark, at her side she could discern a name. Gagarin.

"Send all available troops into the area immediately, but have them keep their distance and just reconnoitre," she ordered.

"Where did that come from?" Ashara asked surprised.

"The Ark no longer exists and we were not aware of any other survivors in space." explained Clarke as he put down the binoculars and walked back to the throne room.

She sat down on her throne and thought about this new question. Lexa made sure that Clarke's orders were carried out immediately. The other council members also looked up thoughtfully. Lexa came back after a few minutes and leaned into Clarke.

"Trikru and Godakru are on their way." She whispered to Clarke who just nodded.

"This dropship is not our only problem at the moment, we won't be able to solve it until scouts are on site and we have more information. However, there is another problem that needs our attention." The counselors looked at her curiously.

"The following information is confidential, the only ones who can know about it are the clan leaders." Clarke gave the advisers time to let this information sink in.

"As you all know, the Flame Keepers inner circle told us, what you don't know is that they worked for someone else who pulled the strings behind the scenes. We suspect the Mountain Men worked with this shadowy figure as well." and possibly Azgeda too, at least during Nia." Those present looked at Clarke in bewilderment.

"Who is this person and what is their plan?" Ubara wanted to know.

"Well, that's where it gets complicated, we don't know the exact plan, and it's not a person in the true sense of the word. Bekka Pramheda belonged to the Sky People and was a scientist before becoming a commander. She developed a machine that was able to think for herself just like a human.The aim of this AI was to save humanity but they failed and unleashed Praimfaya.Unfortunately she survived the destruction as well as we did.The council members seemed to be struggling .

"Why weren't we told this?" Riela asked.

"We barely had enough information to do anything about it. It was mostly conjecture and circumstantial evidence. Alie hasn't been a threat to us so far either." Clarke stepped forward.

"How long have you known?" Kronos asked.

“Since the demise of the Flamekeeper conspiracy. Since then we have been working on collecting more information.' She honestly explained that there was no point in lying about these points and that she needed your support.

"Did you know that too?" Kronos continued to ask and turned to Lexa.

"Yes, I knew that, we decided together to keep it to ourselves until we know more." Lexa explained.

"Why now, what has changed?" Ishtar wanted to know.

"Four days ago I was attacked by an agent of Alie here in the tower. It was possible to take him down, but it was clear that the problem had become a threat. Alie's intention was to put the clans in a permanent state love war." , we don't know why, but now that all the wars are over and we're united, it seems she's changed her plans. Unfortunately, we still don't know what she'll do next, but we need to prepare to meet her when she hits. She clarified that being so close to death was best kept to herself.

"How will this preparation be?" Kronos asked again.

"I started making special ammunition that should be especially effective in machines. In addition, all warriors of the clan are trained to use modern weapons, so they are on a par with the Red Guards and the Shadow Guard. Raven is also investigating the remains of the assassins to learn more about Alie's technology and possibly find a weak point. In addition, spies have been deployed to our border areas, so we will be informed immediately if there is any news," he said.

"Could this dropship also be related to this alien?" Eros asked.

"Anything can happen now, we'll find out soon enough. What we need now is unity. We can only face this enemy together, alone we don't stand a chance." Clarke looked around the council, and much to her delight, everyone seemed to agree.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------

Clarke rode through the woods at the head of a group of four hundred Shadowguards. Anubis trotted comfortably beside her. It had now been about a week and a half since the dropship had landed on the other side of Mount Weather. Only a day later, the first scouts arrived in the area and began observing. Now Clarke was on his way personally to get a sense of the situation. Lexa rode beside her, deep in thought.

"Now we have an idea of ​​who our invaders might be." Monty spoke, riding diagonally behind her.

"And who are you?" Clarke asked.

"It appears that Gagarin was part of the Eligius 4 mission, a space mission designed to search for new resources. Because mining in space was very dangerous, there were about a thousand criminals on board this part of the mission." Clarke listened intently.

"Do you know what happened to Eligius after Praimfaya?" The Asian shook his head. "Was there a list of crew and prisoners?"

"There was, I'll take it all together when we go to camp and show you." This time it was Clarke who nodded.

About two hours later they left the forest and saw the ruins of Arcadia. A huge camp was set up around the burnt ruins. Wonkru's new black and red flags were everywhere. When they reached the edge of the camp, they were greeted by the warriors with the typical bow specially reserved for Wanheda. As they passed the command tent, Clarke inquired about the status of the troops, but they no longer lingered. Their destination was a camp on the other side of the mountains, where the scouts and vanguard were encamped, guarding the only way to the other side. Without a passport you would have to travel twelve days to sail around the mountains. It took almost two hours to reach their final destination. They were immediately greeted by Lincoln and Octavia who rushed forward to prepare for their arrival.

"Did you do well?" asked Octavia happily.

"Yes, there were no problems." Lexa replied.

After tending to his horses, Clarke met with the commanders at the chart table in his tent to discuss the situation.

"Gagarin landed near here, in a clearing about two kilometers from an old settlement. A clan lived here until the acid fog lifted, there was nothing left of the clan. They huddled together. About four hundred of them landed. Until now, they don't realize they're being watched. Most are rambunctious and loud, but some look like they've had military training." Lincoln explained the situation so far.

Clarke inspected the map to remember all the facts. The forest was quite dense, so they had good cover, but so was the enemy, it could be seen if it was an enemy. Clarke did not want to rush things, as the Grounders' rash actions at the time caused heavy casualties for both the Grounders and the Hundred. All of this could have been avoided and Clarke didn't want to repeat that mistake. Then again, these weren't some juvenile offenders, these were adult offenders. Rapists, mass murderers, serial killers, terrorists and whatnot. They were attackers, but they couldn't go back into space either. In the long run, they had to somehow come to terms with the new one.

“Okay, the surveillance continues, but any confrontation is prohibited, except in self-defense. We need to know more about these people. Are they sending patrols out of the camp?' Octavia nodded. them here, if possible without killing them."

The Grounders nodded and left the tent. Clarke sank into her throne and weighed her options. Monty walked into the tent and handed him a tablet.

"This is the manifesto of the crew and the prisoner you sought." He explained.

Clarke nodded and took it from him, examining the screen in her hand.

"Monty, do you think it's possible to set up a network of cameras around the settlement so we can get real-time footage?" asked the blonde.

The Asian had to think about it for a while, but after a few minutes he nodded anyway.

"Okay, have the scouts set up the cameras while you set up a surveillance station here. Plus, Mount Weather should be monitoring and jamming the communications frequencies, just in case." The young man nodded again and left the tent while Clarke looked through the documents to get a sense of his opponent.

All in all, she felt like years ago, only the tables had turned. Being a commander herself, she had much more respect for what Lexa had done in the past.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Clarke blinked awake as the camp erupted. She stretched out gently and sat up in bed. They've been here for over a week and haven't gotten any further. The other side of the bed was empty, but there was a small blue flower on the pillow. Smiling, she picked it up and inhaled the sweet scent. She got out of bed and put on her clothes. Using the mirror, she braided her hair and put on her war paint before leaving her tent to see what had caused the commotion. However, when she got to the entrance, Lexa walked into the tent and almost ran over Clarke.

"Sorry, I thought you were still asleep." said the brunette apologetically.

"Nobody can sleep with that much noise. What was the matter?" she asked.

Lexa smiled apologetically as she poured herself some water into a mug. Only now did Clarke notice that she was fully equipped with weapons and war paint.

"Well, I have a few prisoners for you. You got tired of standing still, so I sprang into action." Lexa swallowed the water greedily.

Clarke wrapped her arms around her wife and stroked her back.

"I love it when you give me presents." she said in her most seductive voice.

"Only the best for my wife." Lexa teased. "You already have everything, so I thought I'd try something new."

"Oh, you are so good to me." Clarke whispered before pulling his wife closer and putting their lips together.

"What are you going to do with them now?" Lexa wanted to know.

"Well, let's lock two of them in the old dungeon under the ruins and let them cook for a while. Then I'll do like you did with Kane and Jaha, you lock me up with them and I'll find out what I need. know." Clarke explained, as Lexa's face went very pale.

"It's too dangerous. If so, I'll do it." Lexa insisted.

Clarke couldn't help but smile, expecting Lexa to react that way.

"I love you baby." the blonde whispered.

Lexa looked at her in surprise.

"Are you trying to convince me to lock you up with two criminals?" Lexa asked in disbelief.

"No, I just wanted to tell you that I really love you very much and so I wanted to make it clear that I'm in charge and that my word stands and I've earned it." Clarke smiled thoughtfully.

Lexa sighed and dropped her shoulders. Well, Clarke took advantage of it and Lexa was well aware of that. She was right, Clarke was the commanding officer and no one disputed that. After a few moments, a smile also appeared on Lexa's face.

"Frankly I have to admit that Gustus wanted to stop me right away and I ignored him, so why should I be better?" The ex-commander explained before helping Clarke put together an outfit, not exactly, shouted I'm the leader.

So she enlisted Charon to play the Commander since he was more like a leader.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

POV Miles Shaw

Miles frowned at some of the straws he was sitting on. When they arrived on Earth, they thought everything was extinct. The remains of a space station were found in orbit, but with no survivors. No survivors were suspected on the surface either. The background radiation was still quite high, making ground scanners unreliable. In the end, it was decided to send four hundred of them here to assess the situation. They were euphoric when they got here and they were careless. Diyoza sent his team to inspect the Mount Weather bunker dump, bringing anything that could be of use. Then they appeared, appeared out of nowhere and attacked her. They looked like beasts and took no more than five minutes to subdue her. A truly embarrassing performance. They put bags over their heads and brought them here. He was separated from the others and locked up here. That was two days ago. Shit, he didn't have a good feeling about this. With a scream, the cell door opened and the big guy from last time stepped inside. He was tall and muscular, with a long wild beard and shoulder armor with a piece of red cloth attached to it like a cloak. He looked authoritative. Next to him stood two black-robed figures wearing silver skull masks. These guys really scared him. After a minute, two more mask-wearers came in and retrieved one of their comrades. Finch one of McCreary's men, he was a real idiot. They carelessly threw it on the ground and disappeared again.

"Fuck what's going on here, who are these shits?" came from Finch.

'How would I know? Have you seen any of the others?' Miles wanted to know.

"No, I've been in a mess the whole time and I had a bag over my head." The other answered. "What are they going to do with us?"

Shaw just shrugged. He had asked himself the same question dozens of times. Do you want to ask her? Did they understand their language? He had heard her speak a language he did not know.

"We've got to get out of here somehow and warn the others." Finch continued.

"What's the point? We don't know where we are or how many enemies are lurking here, at best we run and get lost in the woods, at worst they catch us or kill us trying to escape." What a short-sighted idiot.

After about two hours the door opened again and the boy re-entered with his companions, this time with a young blonde. She was dressed in plain dirty linen and was very beautiful. She looked down uncertainly, not daring to look at the masked men or the big man. She was thrown to the floor and hooked to one of the walls. She packed a bag like it was the most important thing in the world, maybe all she owned.



said the big man in his foreign language.

The young woman trembled, but finally nodded.

You have the choice, one will live

the other dies

, to elect

.” Then he threw a dagger at their feet.

Miles didn't understand a word.

"The commander says one of you can live and the other can die, you have the choice." the young woman explained.

If someone




then call us

said the commander.

"Yes." The young woman answered.

"What did he say?" Finch wanted to know.

"I have to call him when one of you is dead." She explained shyly.

It kept getting better. Finch looked at the knife and seemed to consider what to do.

"What does the commander expect of us and why have we been captured?" Miles wanted to know.

"You have invaded the commander's territory, this is forbidden, one of you must kill the other, whoever survives is free and can go." the woman explained.

"This is shit." snapped Finch.

He jumped up and knelt in front of the blonde.

"What's your name, my pigeon?" He whispered to her.

Miles might have eaten if it hadn't been two days since his last meal.

"Clarke." She stammered.

The bastard gave her a slimy smile and stroked her cheek with his thumb.

"Cut the finch." Miles booked.

"You have nothing to say to me." Finch said, but he got up anyway and leaned against the wall, looking at Clarke the whole time with a sickening smile on his face.

"What can you tell us about the commander?" Miles finally asked.

"He is called Wanheda by my people, the commander of death, who is said to command death himself." She explained.

"How dare I imagine that?" Finch asked.

"He can't be killed, many tried and killed him, but he always came back from the dead. He commands a white dire wolf. He killed thousands, in the mountains outside lived a few years ago many people who lived in lived in an underground city." They were the enemies of my people. Wanheda single-handedly killed them all with a wave of the hand. If you're hoping to resist him, I can tell you you don't stand a chance." She explained.

"It's all superstitious shit." Finch scolded.

"I was there myself, I saw it." She intervened enthusiastically.

"What happens if we refuse to kill any of us?" Shaw kept asking.

"Then he uses the knife to kill you both." She clarified.

Man, what should that have been. Miles frantically went over his options. It was then that Finch grabbed the knife and grabbed hold of the girl. He pressed her against the wall and put her hands on her head. She struggled and tried to break free, but he was too strong. He ran the knife over it and finally cut. White skin appeared where many thin scars became visible.

"Finch, drop the little one." Miles scolded.

'If you don't want to do anything, I will. That commander said someone would die, he didn't say who would die.' He smiled as he stroked her breasts with the tip of the knife, leaving small cuts.

To his surprise, she didn't whine or shrink from the wounds.

"Make sure the bitch seems to like it." Finch smiled.

"Shut up, that's how McCreary can handle things, but Diyoza would never go along with it." He scolded.

"Oh shut up, none of them are here. You had no regrets when you sent the crew into space." Finch glared at him.

"This was different, the crew wanted to kill all the prisoners on board." He clarified.

"Oh I don't care, Diyoza won't be in charge much longer anyway, McCreary will take care of it, so you can consider if you're still on the right side, the little one is our ticket out of here anyway." yelled Finch.

At that moment the commander entered with his four companions and a woman in war paint. Finch pulled Clarke in front of him and pressed the knife to her throat. The brunette wanted to attack him, but the commander stopped her.

Lexa not yet

' he said in the foreign native tongue.

He seemed preoccupied with the blonde, like she was important. At that moment, Finch started screaming. Clarke had freed herself and now bent her hand, her wrist cracking with an unpleasant crack. She spun Finch around like a rag doll and broke his shoulder joint, which was also heralded by a terrible click. Then she slapped the palm of her hand against his chest, sending him flying back four meters and crashing into the cell walls. As he slid down the wall, he groaned in pain. There was no sign of tension on Clarke's face. Miles had no idea how this little woman could do such a thing. Two of the mask wearers immediately went after Finch, holding their swords to his throat. Meanwhile, the brunette removed the commander's shoulder pad and put it on the blonde. When she finished, he stepped back and bowed to her like the others.

"Heda." It came from them as from a mouth.

The scales came out of Miles' eyes, it wasn't the big man in charge, it was her.

"You are the commander." He expressed his thoughts.

A small smile appeared on her face, but it wasn't five seconds before her face froze again.

"What was that all about?" he asked confused.

"I wish I knew who I was dealing with, now I do." She explained without emotion.

"Take this with you, it will send a message." She ordered the two to threaten Finch.

They nodded and roughly grabbed his arms and pulled him out.

"What about me?" He wanted to know.

"You are free but remain my guest for a while. I have a few more questions." She explained before leaving the cell, closely followed by her people.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------

Well, the old tricks are still the best. Now Clarke has her answers and can plan her next steps. I certainly look forward to your opinions.


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