5 Best Bluetooth Bathroom Fan Reviews: The Top Picks of 2021 (2023)

5 Best Bluetooth Bathroom Fan Reviews: The Top Picks of 2021 (1)

What's the best way to add style to your bathroom, regardless of size and available functionality? Bluetooth bathroom fans are the new home decor.

to electbest bluetooth bathroom fanto you in our review and add style, function and even entertainment to your bathroom now.

The best benefits of Bluetooth bathroom fans


  • Unlike the regular bathroom fans that most bathrooms usually come with, Bluetooth bathroom fans offer additional features to make bath time an even more wonderful experience for you and your family.

    No matter the size of your bathroom, the kind of aesthetic it follows and the needs of you and your family, there will always be a Bluetooth bathroom fan model that is perfect for you.


    Bluetooth bathroom fans work just as well as some of thembest bathroom fanor fans outside, in the form of circulating air in the bathroom and effectively removing odors from the room.

    Like all technological advancements, Bluetooth bathroom fans have more than just the basic function. Depending on the model you buy, Bluetooth bathroom fans can also come with light fixtures, often with adjustable settings such as dimming, brightness, changing colors and even strobe functionality.

    Other times you can even find models that allow you to put deodorants or air fresheners that can be configured to spray intermittently or on demand. In fact, depending on the device, you can also have sensor-controlled Bluetooth bathroom fans that activate when you enter the room or sit on the toilet.


    Some of the best Bluetooth bathroom fans available come in a variety of sizes, styles, finishes, and colors.

    You can choose models that come in standard styles that can be added to almost any bathroom, regardless of style and aesthetic.

    Or you can even look for more unique models that can come in different shapes and designs that will make your extractor hood look like a great accessory or turn heads in terms of bathroom decor.

    If you're more serious about maintaining a harmonious aesthetic in your interior, then you don't have to worry too much about not finding a Bluetooth bathroom fan that suits your taste, as there are so many models to choose from.

    Most Bluetooth bathroom faucets don't limit you on where you can place them either. Provided you connect them correctly, you can have models installed directly above the shower headbadAlso.


    One of the most interesting points of Bluetooth bathroom fans is probably the fact that they can act as entertainment for your bathroom, making showering or getting ready in the morning a more exciting and enjoyable moment to set the right mood for the day. .

    (Video) 5 Of The Best Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light And Bluetooth Speaker

    a lot ofbest bluetooth bathroom extractor fanand fans in the market now own a Bluetooth speaker system that connects to your cell phone or other electronic device so you can listen to all kinds of music, podcasts, and even news programs while you're at it. .

    This is especially useful if you have a strobe option available on your Bluetooth bathroom fan, as you can literally take the party anywhere.

    If you have kids, this is also a great way to get them to enjoy bath time more than ever.

    The best Bluetooth bathroom fans 2021

    Now that we've looked at what bathroom fans are and why you should get one, here are some of the best Bluetooth bathroom fan models on the market right now.

    Reading them will give you a general idea of ​​what the main availability is on the market. That way you know how items are typically priced and what kind of features they are likely to have.

    Your choice of Bluetooth bathroom fans isn't limited to the ones on this list, though; so once you've browsed what we've got, you might as well try going to your local appliance store.

    1. BroanSensonic bathroom exhaust fan

    5 Best Bluetooth Bathroom Fan Reviews: The Top Picks of 2021 (2)

    This bathroom exhaust fan, manufactured by Broan-NuTone, is a Bluetooth bathroom fan that comes with a built-in dual high-fidelity Sensonic speaker system that can be safely installed even directly above your shower or bath.

    It is a practical design with a plain white grid surface that fits into any wall fixture. This is probably the most similar Bluetooth bathroom fan to your regular bathroom exhaust fan, only better and without the running noise.

    The advantages of this BroanSensonic bathroom fan

    • Easy installation in existing fans (2-inch by 8-inch ceiling construction)
    • Sound coverage up to 105 square meters
    • Audio component hidden behind bars
    • Energy Star qualified
    • Operates at 110 CFM and 1.0 stone

    disadvantages ofExhaust fan bathroom

    • Basic Bluetooth speaker model
    • Requires GFCI-protected branch circuits for installation over bathtub
    • basic design aesthetic
    • Bulbs are sold separately

    2. VFB25ADBT Delta BreezSignature-serie

    5 Best Bluetooth Bathroom Fan Reviews: The Top Picks of 2021 (3)

    (Video) Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans 2023

    Part of Delta Products Corporation's BreezSignature Series, the VFB25ADBT is also a Bluetooth bathroom fan with built-in speakers.

    It's a ceiling model that promises to work and generate less noise or noise compared to other models, so you'll hear your music more than the hum of your exhaust fan.

    Another simple, no-frills design, it comes with a porous face with rounded corners that blends easily into the white ceiling typical of any family bathroom.

    The advantages of this series VFB25ADBT Delta BreezSignature

    • Energy Star qualified
    • HVI, UL and cUL certified model
    • 110CFM fan runs at 1.0 stone for quiet operation
    • IPX4 waterproof speaker systems

    disadvantages ofExhaust fan bathroom

    • Requires GFCI protected branch circuit for installation over shower or bath
    • The fan must be running for the speakers to work
    • Loud ringing or ringing sound when the device is turned on or off
    • Bluetooth speaker gets confused when you play bass or treble

    3. WORK AT HOME WORLDWIDE 7130-02-BT Bluetooth Bath Respirator

    5 Best Bluetooth Bathroom Fan Reviews: The Top Picks of 2021 (4)

    Homewerks Worldwide created the 7130-02-BT Bluetooth Bathroom Fan that doesn't just come with a built-in speaker system.

    However, it also comes with LED lighting with a blue night light, which is great for kids and adults alike who need just the right amount of light to go to the bathroom at night.

    This is a more expensive model compared to the last two mentioned above.

    The advantages of this Bluetooth bath fan

    • Elegant round shape with small, almost mesh-like grids
    • Loudspeaker capacity from 9 meters away from the fan
    • You don't need to load or reload
    • Panel with 4 switches that separately control the hood, speaker, LED lamp and night light

    Bluetooth Badventilator Cons

    (Video) Best Bathroom Exhaust fan with lights in 2023 (Top 10 Picks)

    • Noisier than other fans, runs at 1.5 stone
    • Bracket does not properly support the fan
    • Fixing screws can be easily removed
    • Perform quality control for the delivery of packaging and product material

    4. Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT bathroom fan

    5 Best Bluetooth Bathroom Fan Reviews: The Top Picks of 2021 (5)

    Part of Delta Electronics' BreezIntegrity Series, the ITG70BT Bluetooth Bathroom Fan is an upgrade to the BreezSignature model in that the fan and speaker can be operated separately using a dual switch panel.

    Like the BreezSignature, it comes in a white square grid with rounded corners and a porous surface.

    BreezIntegirty series models can be selected based on different CFMs and additional functionalities such as Bluetooth speaker functions, LED lighting and additional moisture transport mechanisms.

    The advantages of this Delta BreezIntegrity ITG70BT bathroom fan

    • Runs silently at 70 CFM and 1.0 bricks
    • Guaranteed savings in electricity consumption
    • Energy Star qualified
    • Easy installation process

    Delta bathroom fan cons

    • Reviews say that the fan and speaker must be on at the same time to work
    • Functionality must be selected from series
    • No complete model available as standard
    • Loose muffler outlet
    • Does not effectively pull out moisture

    5. White 110 CFM Decorative Bluetooth Ceiling Fan

    5 Best Bluetooth Bathroom Fan Reviews: The Top Picks of 2021 (6)

    This Bluetooth bathroom fan, made by Homewerks Worldwide, is a step up from the latest Homewerks model mentioned above.

    It comes with an exhaust fan, bluetooth speaker, LED lights, blue night light and amber night light. It's the perfect fan to have if you like more lighting that sets the mood, whether it's the theme of your bathroom or the music or mood you're in at the time.

    (Video) Top 5 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans in 2021 [ Top 5 Picks ]

    Nightlights are also useful for families who don't like bright lights when going to the bathroom at night, or families with children who need light to scare away monsters.

    The benefits of this 110 CFM White Decorative Bluetooth Ceiling Fan

    • Powerful yet quiet operation at 110 CFM and 1.5 stone
    • Three light settings - white light, blue night light, amber night light
    • Back-to-back, hot and cold reversibility
    • 90 days return policy
    • 3 year warranty on the fan
    • 1 year warranty on Bluetooth speaker

    Attic Mount Bluetooth Fan Cons

    • Low moisture tensile strength
    • Faint or spotty Bluetooth connection
    • Perform quality control for the delivery of packaging and product material
    • A larger 15-inch unit may not fit all existing openings


    When it comes to which model offers the best overall value for the money you spend,Delta Breez Signature-serie VFB25ADBTit's our choice which onebest bluetooth bathroom fan.

    Not only is it a fairly standard design that looks more like a speaker than a hood, it also has the fewest drawbacks, as installation and operation are more or less flawless.

    If you're looking for great music while you sit on the toilet at a great price, this is a must-have model for you. The Delta BreezSignature is a great investment that brings the party to your bathroom.

    See more information:

    • Simply the best hand showers ever!

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